Tabling SPX and other Plans

I have now actually purchased my Small Press table and made myself anxious again. It's calming down, but trust, it'll flare up again in no time. 

I'm hoping to produce 1 new mini  (about Zen and Mio), 1-3 sticker sets, maybe reprinting Cooking with Jasmine in color,and maybe figure out either a print or laminating some bookmarks from college. All by early September. 

I have the time, but so I have the /time/ to do this. You know, the motivated, focused time after all of the panicked and stressed time. I'd love to debut a zine there this fall and maybe figure out another table set up. I almost want taller version of my black racks that I stand my comics in. It's slimmer than the blue/green racks I have and it's easier to line up more merch back to back in it. I'll see what I can find. 

And also, after 2016 as the year that didn't happen as far as 100 Days goes, I'm hoping I can catch back up with those and get back to those pages. I really want to focus on art and drawing, but the whole day job bullshit is in the way. I haven't mentioned it much here, it's mostly I don't get paid enough so I need a new job where I can save money and have the energy and time for creative endeavours on my best personal schedule and I don't have that right now. So I'm interested in a new job that would grant me some liberty to make stuff on an easy and regular schedule and have weekends to myself to be able to go to shows or create. At the moment I have 1 whole day off work and it's hard to get anything done that holds value to me. I mean, it really bones to miss 2-3 days of work for a 1 or 2 day show. but I have to give myself time off somewhere because my job doesn't. 

I want to end 2016 on a better note. A better note includes: a different job, making more comics, making more art. 

Upcoming Plans

Hi, I'm terrible about updating. 

I currently feel like I'm just dragging my wheels so let's share some plans!

I'm currently working on a recipe zine to (hopefully) be released in April at PIX. I'm tabling PIX again! I didn't want to say 'no' after one poor show so I figured I'd give it another go and try again to sell there. I know returning is a strong consideration to sales, and having new material, I have 3 new books from last March when I tabled, so this would make a 4th new book. 

I, like just about e'urrybody, have recently gotten into Hamilton and I have a few illustrations planned. I've started a 'quick' 2 page comic. It was originally a 3 panel strip, so here's to finishing it soon, it is stopped at 2 pages for the verse that I'm drawing out. I'm tepid on my pencils so I'm hoping that the ink and wash stages will warm me to it more. Some days it's being hypercritical of my art and some days it's my art is honestly bad and I haven't looked since I did these pencils on Thursday so I'm not sure which it actually is right now. 

For my own comics I'm on a slight hiatus which has left me feeling low so the Hamilton ides have been a great boost to creativity honestly. I've been looking for a new job and having little money or motivation has been difficult. My job pays horrendously low and I know we make a killing so it's maddening that I don't get paid more. They'll be fine without me, they were fine before me, but I also know they're doing better with me there so it's frustrating that I'm not compensated better. A friend's mom is trying to help me right now and because I'm trying to focus on jobs I'm trying not to roll too deep into my own creative endeavours, but those would cheer me up so much. I have a micro-story collection I want to write/draw and I've been thinking over how to talk about my skin disease and living with it in a narrative format. I don't have a conclusion because I have nothing to be cured, but I don't have an arc either. Maybe micro stories about living with it would be better. I'm also sitting on 5 different story-worlds that I want to write for and explore and I can't because of the whole job search thing. 

In addition to all of this I was considering foregoing the job route and looking into grants so I can focus on art for a while and those make me panicky. I want to create, but I also need to pay for loans and healthcare and bills. I'm sitting on 3 figures and it's not good enough. Things are too unstable. 

Maybe I'll try to write more. I've recently started taking short walks in the morning, 3 miles in an hour, and doing a few exercises in the house because I'm a very sedentary homebody. I can't tell if it's doing any good yet, I mean, I'm sure it is. And walking is easy so I don't mind. It's just getting up and out. Listening to Hamilton while I'm out is a great motivator because I enjoy it and the first act is so pumped. 

Here, I took some photos on Friday while I was out. And some recent sketches!

Shows an Plans an AHHHH!!!!

Awright, i think I might finally have bigger motivation than guilt to finish this book. 

Next weekend I'll be tabling at the Richmond Zinefest at the Richmond Public Library. I'm going to try to finish my book so I can take preorders for it, but I'll have the original pages to share. 

I applied for Locust Moon in Philly on Halloween, fingers crossed I can show there at the end of October with Hubris of Youth: How to Make Friends and Captivate People in it's printed glory. 

I was accepted into the New Orleans Comic Art Zine fest in November, the weekend after my birthday so I have to figure out how I'm going to get to NO for that. I really want to do it. 

I'm excited. I'm spending so much to go to little one day events, but it's awesome meeting people and getting my books out. I've been tepid about applying for PIX again, but I'll give it another try. If things go well at these few shows, and I get my name out strong enough I might be able to make it to more and other shows. 

I wonder what I'd have to do to set up some kind of show in the Fairfax Co. Public Library system...there are enough DMV creators that I think it could be a great event, but I think I'd rather pimp my wares than run a show, even a small library show.

Intervention Con

Hi, it's been a long, long while since I've taken the time to write anything and it's self promotion. Well, it's my own website, so ehh.


I will be tabling at Intervention Con in Rockville, MD this upcoming weekend, August 14-16. I'm going to power through all three days!

I was assigned to table 72. Where do you think that might be......

I was assigned to table 72. Where do you think that might be......

I will have me old books, 100 Days, Cinema and Lawrence's Diary. In addition to these books, I'm also going to have copies of "Adult", JPDS14 and GNS, my two 2014 sketchbooks, and I will have Warm, my 2015 sketch book. I've been working on the second chapter to Cinema this past year, I won't have sellable copies, but I will have a proof version of the book and will take preorders to mail out when the book is ready. 

I feel like I don't have that many items, but when I lay my stuff out it's more than I think. Every time. I am down to my last few copies of jpds14 and GNS, they will not be reprinted in this form again. 

Assorted sketchbooks for sale

Assorted sketchbooks for sale

Warm is my 2015 sketchbook and features color art along with black and white art.  It will only be printed in 2015, after this year I'll sell whatever copies I have left then it's out of print. My sketchbooks will only be printed between August and December, but feature art from the previous August to the current August. GNS is my 2014 sketchbook.

"Adult" 2014

"Adult" 2014

"Adult" is my 2014 mini about the first time I thought I was an adult. I'm currently not selling it online, I may change that in the future.

100 Days, 2012

100 Days, 2012

My 2012 Mini daily autobio comic

Cinema, 2012

Cinema, 2012

My 2012 book about teens playing paintball

Lawrence's Diary, 2012

Lawrence's Diary, 2012

My 2012 story about a goat transported to a new world. 

decorated canvas panel, 2015

decorated canvas panel, 2015

An example of the canvas panels. each will be decorated with  the little linear abstractions. Some will spell a word, such as this one, others will just be a pattern fill.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see some of you at Intervention this weekend!

Fun fact: I'll draw you something cool if you buy me a red bean bun, custard bun or pineapple bun from the BreadCorner in Rockville.  Not lying, I love these things and want them. I'll happily accept and try anything they make unless there's coconut on it.  I'm not as big a fan of the pork buns, but I'm still down to eat. 

I've Been Quiet

I fell off writing for a while. I meant to do a year in review,  i've done one for 7 years, oh well. 

I've recently been working on the second chapter of Cinema, which has changed to being called Hubris of Youth, the chapter is called How to Make Friends and Captivate People. I'll  be debuting it at PIX next month. 

I applied for Cake and I'm waitlisted. I applied for SPX, now I'm waiting to hear back and now I'm thinking about applying for Intervention, we'll see. I don't have much time to waffle on that. 

I haven't been watching as many movies as I used to, I miss writing about movies and writing essays. I have a new DailySketch project,  it works on a bimonthly schedule. 

I think I'll try to write something here more frequently, I think it was good for me to put my thoughts somewhere and here's a great place to share what I'm doing