Climate Change

We could be living in a Mad Max desert and those in power would still say it's fine while over charging us for tainted water because there would be no clean water anywhere. Too many in charge only care about making a fast buck, they don't care about any causalities on the way. 2016 was a catalyst for change and we now have to live through it, whichever way it goes. Things are getting worse for now, we don't know when/if/how things may get better. I really don't have a positive ending to this. I've long thought the planet is gearing up to kill us all and start anew. It's happened before, it'll happen again. The climate is changing to fix what's wrong. The planet will survive, it'll morph into something similar but new. It'll take a long time on human scale but probably be a breath in the life of the planet.

I’m rooting for the planet. Who are we to fight it.

Greetings Post SPX 2018

Hi Friends,

It has been a while. To be honest I’ve been off from normal for a few years now, partially mental, partially medication but that’s not really a good excuse. I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who checks out my deadass website and looks at my old ass art. I think I’d like to take some time to update everything, nix most stuff that’s 3+ years old, especially anything I did in Norfolk and school, I’ve grown so much since then.

If you’re interested in keeping up with where I’m more active check my twitter, I’m @meisterj or my instagram @meisterjazz. My art tumblr hasn’t been update in a while but check it out if you’d like, and I’m always saying I’m going to get my store going, one of these days I will….

Speaking of SPX it was a blast, like always. Seeing Mario and Jimena was great. Spike is always a doll, same with Ron. Danielle is always a fantastic local face. Yuko and Anath are always a fun pair and it was nice seeing Blue again. I made some new buddies with Skelly and Ally and embarrassed myself at karaoke on Friday night. I just love how fluid conversation can be, how okay it is to politely join in or wander off. I kinda hate the ‘let’s chat before the show ends’ that happens because someone is on the move and how little time there is. I don’t think a 3 day show is right for SPX, it’s chill-con, but I also wish it could be longer in ways. It has taken time and I feel awkward every time I’m there still, even know the folks I’ve befriended. I had some dumb hotel shenanigans but I didn’t let it ruin my weekend, and we missed getting any of Florence until Monday, well after the show. So pretty lucky there.

I’m excited for SPX 2019 and it’s 25th Anniversary. I’ve been an attendee, volunteer and one time tabler since 2012 and I hope I don’t miss any SPX shows going forward. So many amazing hardworking people are working to continue to develop this community. The prevalence of queer and poc creators every year is encouraging. I think I found SPX at the right time for me. I hope this show finds other ways to improve the experience and I have a suggestion that I hope can be implemented by next year.
Keep on making good things, keep working hard. I hope we meet again some other show, and I’m sorry forever for forgetting you.

Tabling SPX and other Plans

I have now actually purchased my Small Press table and made myself anxious again. It's calming down, but trust, it'll flare up again in no time. 

I'm hoping to produce 1 new mini  (about Zen and Mio), 1-3 sticker sets, maybe reprinting Cooking with Jasmine in color,and maybe figure out either a print or laminating some bookmarks from college. All by early September. 

I have the time, but so I have the /time/ to do this. You know, the motivated, focused time after all of the panicked and stressed time. I'd love to debut a zine there this fall and maybe figure out another table set up. I almost want taller version of my black racks that I stand my comics in. It's slimmer than the blue/green racks I have and it's easier to line up more merch back to back in it. I'll see what I can find. 

And also, after 2016 as the year that didn't happen as far as 100 Days goes, I'm hoping I can catch back up with those and get back to those pages. I really want to focus on art and drawing, but the whole day job bullshit is in the way. I haven't mentioned it much here, it's mostly I don't get paid enough so I need a new job where I can save money and have the energy and time for creative endeavours on my best personal schedule and I don't have that right now. So I'm interested in a new job that would grant me some liberty to make stuff on an easy and regular schedule and have weekends to myself to be able to go to shows or create. At the moment I have 1 whole day off work and it's hard to get anything done that holds value to me. I mean, it really bones to miss 2-3 days of work for a 1 or 2 day show. but I have to give myself time off somewhere because my job doesn't. 

I want to end 2016 on a better note. A better note includes: a different job, making more comics, making more art. 

Upcoming Plans

Hi, I'm terrible about updating. 

I currently feel like I'm just dragging my wheels so let's share some plans!

I'm currently working on a recipe zine to (hopefully) be released in April at PIX. I'm tabling PIX again! I didn't want to say 'no' after one poor show so I figured I'd give it another go and try again to sell there. I know returning is a strong consideration to sales, and having new material, I have 3 new books from last March when I tabled, so this would make a 4th new book. 

I, like just about e'urrybody, have recently gotten into Hamilton and I have a few illustrations planned. I've started a 'quick' 2 page comic. It was originally a 3 panel strip, so here's to finishing it soon, it is stopped at 2 pages for the verse that I'm drawing out. I'm tepid on my pencils so I'm hoping that the ink and wash stages will warm me to it more. Some days it's being hypercritical of my art and some days it's my art is honestly bad and I haven't looked since I did these pencils on Thursday so I'm not sure which it actually is right now. 

For my own comics I'm on a slight hiatus which has left me feeling low so the Hamilton ides have been a great boost to creativity honestly. I've been looking for a new job and having little money or motivation has been difficult. My job pays horrendously low and I know we make a killing so it's maddening that I don't get paid more. They'll be fine without me, they were fine before me, but I also know they're doing better with me there so it's frustrating that I'm not compensated better. A friend's mom is trying to help me right now and because I'm trying to focus on jobs I'm trying not to roll too deep into my own creative endeavours, but those would cheer me up so much. I have a micro-story collection I want to write/draw and I've been thinking over how to talk about my skin disease and living with it in a narrative format. I don't have a conclusion because I have nothing to be cured, but I don't have an arc either. Maybe micro stories about living with it would be better. I'm also sitting on 5 different story-worlds that I want to write for and explore and I can't because of the whole job search thing. 

In addition to all of this I was considering foregoing the job route and looking into grants so I can focus on art for a while and those make me panicky. I want to create, but I also need to pay for loans and healthcare and bills. I'm sitting on 3 figures and it's not good enough. Things are too unstable. 

Maybe I'll try to write more. I've recently started taking short walks in the morning, 3 miles in an hour, and doing a few exercises in the house because I'm a very sedentary homebody. I can't tell if it's doing any good yet, I mean, I'm sure it is. And walking is easy so I don't mind. It's just getting up and out. Listening to Hamilton while I'm out is a great motivator because I enjoy it and the first act is so pumped. 

Here, I took some photos on Friday while I was out. And some recent sketches!

Art Education

Okay, I post a lot of things encouraging STEM education, but I’d like to see it as STEAM and include Art ed. I’d love to see more respect given to the arts and creating. Art is so often used in therapy it should be more respected as something taught and learned, but also mastered. It’s one form of creating and expression that helps people deal with shit. 

Like damitfeelsgoodtobeafangirl said her death metal magical girls were created at a time she was depressed and she’s in a better place now. I  created a group of characters when I was depressed in high school and I continue to create with them because I enjoy working with them.

the visual and performing arts are so important in such a passive way they shouldn’t be ignored. Like, people write them off as being easy, but find them incredibly hard to actually do and people who persevere and keep making stuff have worked through periods of self doubt, other people doubting them and just keep going and like that should be lauded. For a lot of people, art is a second job for a long time until it can become a primary source of income. 

Creative thinking benefits everyone. The whole thing I was taught my entire child hood in the International Baccalaureate programs was to be a creative thinker and to ‘think outside the box’. How to we expect out business leaders to have creative solutions to their problems if they don’t have some decent creative training. And so what, it can’t be graded on an easy rubric like math or science, students are exercising their brains and learning different ways to consider the world around them. 

As a person who started college as a science major and graduated with an art degree I see how both of these are so similar. Scientists and artists study th world. They both show the world how it works, but also offer up ways is could work differently. And I think it’s highly telling that Scientific Art is a thing still. Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, featured artist’s renderings of things. We have cameras and can so exactly how things work, but people chose to show an animated version of events and instead of having ‘reanctments’ they were animated-enactments of scientists discoveries. Like, science loves art, art loves science. And long ago, in the western world, some of our greatest scientific minds and artists minds were one in the same. 

Art is important, art has value and it should be far more respected on every level than it is now.